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Ac question, I got a few cans of r134 from autozone and my ac still doesn't work any ideas?

I put four cans in my 93 Sable. My ac works for a minute and then stops. The low side gauge is reading 70 and the high side is reading 320. I took it by the local autozone so they could check it for me. The young lad said my cabin air filter could be clogged but Jiffy Lube just changed that 8 years ago. I refuse to take it to a shop and get ripped off, so if someone can tell me how to fix it myself with detailed instructions, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.Ac question, I got a few cans of r134 from autozone and my ac still doesn%26039;t work any ideas?
R134a should have a low side reading of approx. 25 to30 psi. You have overcharged the system. The high side reading is not relevant except for diagnostic purposes. You have flooded the condensor and therefore the system can't cool. You need to remove refrigerant till you get back to proper reading.Ac question, I got a few cans of r134 from autozone and my ac still doesn%26039;t work any ideas?
sounds like there is too much gas in the system. since you have that much pressure in the lines you can take soapy watter and see if you have a leak. you will have to use a recovery machine to get the gas out since you have too much. if you do find a leak remove all gas first. then replace hose, o-ring, or what ever part was leaking. then you will have to pull a vacuum on the system for at least 30 min. then you can start to put the gas back in. only put the amount in what the manufacture says. the best place to find the amount to fill is a ford or mercury manual or a chiltons manual if the info is not under the hood. also it could be your fan not working. some ford models had two fans one was just for ac if it is not working then it could explain the gauge readings that you decribed.if it has been that long since the cabin air filter was changed then its time for a new one.Ac question, I got a few cans of r134 from autozone and my ac still doesn%26039;t work any ideas?
The problem your having is that the a/c compressor is not staying on constantly so it wont take the coolant. You need to jumper the a/c compressor so that it stays running constantly while your adding the r134. Disconnect the connector on the compressor and jump it with a paperclip. This will cause the pump to stay running wide open. Now add the coolant and it will take the charge. Ac question, I got a few cans of r134 from autozone and my ac still doesn%26039;t work any ideas?
That's too much in the system! It should hang around 30-50 PSI on the low side.Ac question, I got a few cans of r134 from autozone and my ac still doesn%26039;t work any ideas?
You changed the cabin filter of a 15 Y.O. car 8 years ago,nothing lasts forever, if you want a second opinion go to another shop if they says it's a filter get filter. Dont look until you find a diagnosis that fits your opinion because you%26quot;re asking us, people you dont even know.Ac question, I got a few cans of r134 from autozone and my ac still doesn%26039;t work any ideas?
I dont believe ford uses a cabin air filter, your car cannot use 4 cans of freon, contact me at my free web page and we will discuss your repairing the A/c

Acura enthusiasts, give me some maintenance tips?

Hey Acura enthusiasts, I just bought a used 2008 Acura TL with 26,000. This is my first Acura and I must say I'm loving the car. It's polished metal metallic! The car now has 34,000 miles on and I've done the regular oil changes on time. I always put premiun unleaded gasoline and do not drive the car hard at all, rarely do I go over 75 unless on freeways. I want to maintain the car meticulously, so I have a few questions. How often should I replace the spark plugs, air filter, cabin air filter, and how many quarts of oil does the car take?

I also wanted to ask if it would be okay if I switch from normal oil to full synthetic oil if I change it myself? Will this void any dealer warranty at all?

Thanks in advance!Acura enthusiasts, give me some maintenance tips?
First off, don't take advice from people who cannot spell simple everyday words. And, keep using the premium gas.

Absolutely change the oil to synthetic. My '04 TL has 147,000 miles, and it acts like it has 20,000 miles on it. I don't change my own oil, but I used synthetic (4.5 quarts, by the way) after it was first broken in. Tune up is 100,000 miles, air filter when it looks dirty, cabin air filter about every 20,000 miles (not an easy change - you have to drop the glovebox down). Timing belt is 105,000 miles. By the way, my timing belt looked like it came out of the box, and I attribute this to the synthetic oil, because I drive the car with, shall we say, spirit.

It is a great car. I expect mine to go 300,000 miles. I do everything that comes up, and change the synthetic oil when the computer tells me. Change your transmission fluid at 60,000 miles, and every 30,000 after that.Acura enthusiasts, give me some maintenance tips?
first stop putting in the high grade well high price gas, that,s all sycological. it dont do any thing or help any thing or give any more power or better gas milage or any thing . its for older cars with high performance engines, new cars are made for regular gas, stop waisting your money 2 change the timing belt after 100 thousand and the water pump to . dont loan it to a friend ,Acura enthusiasts, give me some maintenance tips?
I own a 06 tsx 6MT/wnav, bought new 11/06. I have all the maintenance done by acura/honda dealers. I follow the maintenance minder. When the oil life shows 15%, it will show a code. The owners manual will tell you what the codes mean and what service needs to be done. Mine now shows B-1 (oil/filer change and tire rotation). You can do the maintanance yourself-keep the receipts showing it has been done. My car now has 98,000+problem free miles using regular gas and regular oil. I get compliments on how well maintained my car is.Acura enthusiasts, give me some maintenance tips?
Follow the link below. Do everything according to the miles and times listed.

Acura TL 08 air filter help!?

I checked my manual and couldn't find anything about where the cabin filer and how easy or hard it is to get to. I check a couple websites and people said it's kinda hard to change but I can't get an easy answer or video. Any advice would be appreciatedAcura TL 08 air filter help!?
google it , there are plenty of online instructions on the acurazine website forums

Moldy / Mildewy Smell Coming From Car Air Vents?

Has anybody else had this problem? If so, how did you fix it?

So, I have a 2003 Honda Accord LX. I've done some research and the moste likely answer to this problem seems to be a dirty cabin filter. I'll attempt to change it today. It seems pretty easy.

I also found out that it could be the filter that filters the air right before the evaporator (not sure what it's called or where it is). I hope it's not this because this sounds like it might take a while to get to and change.

Any help or opinions would be appreciated!Moldy / Mildewy Smell Coming From Car Air Vents?
I used to work for Valvoline Express Care and we came across a lot of cars with this problem. Take a can of lysol spray and hold it facing up and spray it behind the dash on the underside, close to the floorboard and empty the whole can it will take care of the smell. Leave your windows down for awhile to ventilate afterwards.Moldy / Mildewy Smell Coming From Car Air Vents?
You can get your air conditioning %26quot;refreshed,%26quot; they pretty much put some air freshener into the system, that will take care of the actual smell. They may also be able to tell you why you have that smell.Moldy / Mildewy Smell Coming From Car Air Vents?
You should go to wal mart and get the air fresheners that stick inside you air vents I think they are called refresh. It may just be that you haven't use your air in a while. Just get those and the problem disapears.Moldy / Mildewy Smell Coming From Car Air Vents?
Your water drain is clogged up. you can usually find this under the passenger side by the front tire. You may hav eto take the AC apart from the inside however.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Honda Accord 2003 air vent dust problem?

I have a 2003 Honda Accord. The car is just pushing 90k and in good condition. However, when I turn the air or the A/C on, a dusty smell comes through the vents. I bought a new cabin filter and replaced the old one, but the smell still occasionally comes through. Any ideas on how to clear this up? Another filter that needs to be changed?Honda Accord 2003 air vent dust problem?
That is the only cabin filter in the car.It should be a large size filter, some models might have 2 smaller sized ones, size by side.Both are located behind the glove box.Sometimes if the filter was pretty bad, you might have other debris that never got caught.try turning your blower on high and see if it cycles it through and stops after awhile.
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  • Remove engine cover on Dodge conversion van?

    I recently bought a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 van with an Elk conversion package . . . . I wanted to change the air filter on it, and it looks like the air filter is accessible only from behind the engine cover inside the cabin. However, I can't figure out how to remove the engine cover . . . . There are two latches on either side of the cover, which will loosen the cover when unlatched, but the cover won't come off (I don't want to force it). I can't figure out if I'm just missing something or if the extra carpeting around the bottom of the cover added by the conversion is hiding an additional latch or screw.

    Bottom line: How do I remove the engine cover from inside the cabin?Remove engine cover on Dodge conversion van?
    most van's that i have worked on before have 4 hold down straps/bolts on them. two on the floor board location under the carpet and two more up under the dash area to hold it to the fire wall. they can either be bolts or flip straps. try looking for these. hope it helps ya out a little.Remove engine cover on Dodge conversion van?
    2 giant screws on floor under carpet.

    Ford Focus has Rain Leak. Help?

    So late last summer I took my car to a Jiffy Lube for an oil change and of course they have to rip out everything and try to get you to buy a 20 dollar air filter and such. This particular time they decide to ask me if I want them to change my cabin filter because it has acorns in it and they invite me to come look. I go and say yes because I was thinking, WTF is a cabin filter? Turns out under the plastic at the bottom of my windshield where the wipers connect is another air filter that does... something? The next time it rained heavily I noticed the carpet in my passenger side floorboard was wet underneath the mat. Wondering how that happened I start exploring. First question, where's the leak?

    Leak Detail:

    The passenger side floorboard is wet. It began only getting damp so I never did anything about it because I frankly do not have $10 to spare, much less enough for a repairman to look at it. Now it has progressed to literally puddling on top of the carpet because the carpet gets so saturated. The leak started with the carpet being wet, not the rubber floor mat that was on top, so I know the water doesn't drip onto the mat. There is no wetness going up the side of the carpeting to the door, there is no dampness in the back or driver side. It is limited to the front passenger side which makes me think its coming out of the foot level air vents but I can't ever catch it dripping during heavy rain or with a hose but without fail it is pooled up after storms.

    I went looking for where it was coming in and noticed that when they checked that cabin filter they broke one of those nifty plastic snaps that holds down that piece flush with the windshield. To me that means that was never meant to be popped open, but at any rate the snap is broken and I don't know how to get another snap there or what that part is called to try and find a new one. I'm not positive that's the source of the leak, but like food poisoning you always just look to the most recent change as the source of your sickness.

    Help? Any other ideas for the source of the leak? Whats the name of that part so I can try and buy a new one to replace it?

    (sorry for being so long winded)Ford Focus has Rain Leak. Help?
    as for the plastice snap you should be able to get them from your ford dealer but as for the leaking im thinking that its your heater core and from statice electroises that is cased from a hi flow rate of your coolant and a brake down of sead im thinking that you should check into haveing it checked and also perhapes have a flow deflectoure instaled to help prevent this from happineg once more for some newer cars have a hi flow rate caseing eletarlisec and this cases heater cores to fail premeature and make for a rather wet flore might like to check the coolant level on your car and make shure that your coolant isnt low and if it is low might like to check it more freculey untale you can have the proper repaires to your car doneand its quite alright to be long winded for i to suffer frome the same allement and pore spellingFord Focus has Rain Leak. Help?
    That windshield piece is called the cowl panel.

    I've seen on focuses, that boot between the door jambs in which the wires run through, fall out on the car side of the door jamb, and water runs right into there. Check that %26quot;accordian boot%26quot; in the door jamb, and make sure its in place and hasn't come looseFord Focus has Rain Leak. Help?
    We don't know what kind of car it is. Is that where the leak is coming from. We don't have any way of knowing. But I will say, if the plastic thingy was held to the windshield by a %26quot;snap%26quot; I doubt that's where the leak is coming from. %26quot;Snaps%26quot; aren't made to keep water out.

    There is a good possibility that the %26quot;leak%26quot; is in the heater core(matrix) because that's about where it would be, directly above the passenger side flooring, behind the dash.